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Custom Icon Design

easy steps to order your own custom icon!

1. Tell me what you want your icon to be by sending an email or calling me. Tell me what subject, style, and color scheme you would like.

2. I will send you an email with a jpeg preview of your icon.

3. Once you’ve viewed your icon. you check out using the paypal link in the email.

4. I will then render your icon and email it to you as an attachment.


A single custom icon: $120.00 (USD)

Orders of ten or more custom icons: $100.00 (USD) per icon.

Larger Orders? Contact me for a personalized price quote.

I love Freeware!
Ask about special deals for freeware developers.

Prices will vary depending on the details of each project.

What you receive:

I will send your icon as a GIF, PNG, TIF or as a Windows XP or Mac OS X icon. You can also order a high resolution tiff image of your icon that you can use to print on tee shirts, boxes, or other promotional materials.

Need your icon in a different format?

I can send you your icon in just about any format. Just let me know what format you need.

Other Services:

I offer stock icons, custom icon design and a slew of other services such as web design, motion graphics, logo design and photo retouching.

View my portfolio to see what we can do for you.

-Steven Ansell