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We’ve previously discussed resolution independence and independently scalable icons in the new Apple Mac OS X interface but Wired News reports even more changes based on Core Animation. Mouse Gestures, direct manipulation of documents, an physics will all add to the way we interact with the computer. This should enable productivity boosts, stimulate new and innovative design approaches, and dazzle the eyes.

Steve Jobs is set to discuss Leopard, Apple‘s new operating system at WWDC next Tuesday, June 12th, at which time the “top secret” features will be revealed. All signs point to a complete interface overhaul, hopefully including the out-dated finder.

wwdc leopard

Icon and interface designers will be especially interested in what Jobs has to say as it will directly affect how we work. I am excited about the new possibilities but also a eager to find out exactly what the changes are. Some questions I hope are answered are: Will I have to re-create all my icons as vector graphics? Will the older icons even work in Leopard? Will there be animated icons (please please please)?

It is an exciting time to be a Mac user!

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